2014, Jun Adding a RTL support. Enhancing theming support. Open sourcing the code via GitHub. Managing translations via Transifex.
2014, Apr Adding a support for equatorial latitudes. Generating the set of HTML pages instead of PDF outputs for printing purposes.
2012, Feb Releasing the Planisphere as an SVG based web application with Unicode support and rendering both graphics and PDF outputs using SVG templates.
2004, Oct Implementing Milky Way and Ra/Dec coords.
2004, Apr Adding a support for the southern hemisphere.
2003, Mar Releasing the first version. At that time as an OpenGL based Windows desktop application.
2002, May Writing first few lines of code :-)
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User Guide

The web application mimics the original planisphere instrument in the form of two adjustable disks that rotate on a common pivot. It can be adjusted to display the visible stars for any time and date.

You turn a wheel to put your time next to your date, and instantly, there's a map of the stars that are above your horizon for that moment. When daylight saving time is in effect, use the minor hour scale. Actually, that hours scale represents local solar time, which slightly differs from standard time.

Settings for December, 15 at 20:00

The edge of the oval star map represents the horizon all around you, as you would see if you were standing in an open field and turned around in a complete circle. The part of the map at the oval's center represents the sky overhead.

For equatorial latitudes the map view is split into north and south hemispheres which can be switched from one to another using the Flip button. In this case the sky overhead is not in the center, but in the top part of map area.

Switches between northern and southern view. Available for equatorial latitudes only.

Invokes dialog with various settings.

Generates an output suitable for printing. The result consist of several parts which needs to be cut, assembled and glued together. The assembly schema is the part of the output file. To make planisphere more durable some parts can be optionally enhanced by another layer from a sheet of cardboard. Both the wheel and envelope need to be joined together with a pin. The location is marked by a cross on both parts.

Navigates to the product Home Page.

Enjoy the night sky with this lovely tool :-)