Ancestor Tree


If you store family trees in separate GenoPro files and you need to create a report across all of them, the only solution so far is to merge all files into a single one. If your tree is quite large, covering various families and from various reasons such an operation is not an option, you can still generate reports using my app, which merges individual files virtually.


  1. Choose and upload GenoPro (.gno) file(s)
  2. Wait for updating the list of individuals
  3. Select an individual from the list
  4. Set number of generations (if more are available, a dot is displayed outside the wheel)
  5. Generate the output (suited for A3 paper size)
  6. Tweak the output in e.g. Inkscape editor

If the output has to be generated from multiple GenoPro files, they need to be mutually hyperlinked. The linked person has to be present in both files with three matching attributes - first name, last name and birth date. All files are supposed to be located in the same folder, so the external hyperlinks contain just a GenoPro file name (e.g. family.gno), see examples.

Individuals are sorted by their IDs, prefixed with the file name. This ID can be found in GenoPro's individual properties dialog, in the Family tab (Permanent ID).

You can test generating outputs using a default dataset. Please choose ind00001 as base individual in this case.

Data Security

Any uploaded data is deleted after 30 minutes of inactivity. As the server system is regularly updated, there is a very low risk it can be compromised by attacker via any known security hole.

The most secure way is to build the app from source code and run it locally on your computer :-)


If you encounter any bug or you would like to have any new feature implemented, feel free to create a issue on project pages.

Source File(s)



Base Individual: