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When you get your Y-DNA profile and enter it into any of open databases, you can quickly find several similar profiles. Unfortunately, there is the lack of tools for a quick visual comparison of these results.

For better evaluation I've created a new type of chart showing the distance in each individual marker from the given reference value. This distance is shown using the fill color of circle patches. If the particular marker is not available in the given profile, no fill color is used. Multi-copy markers are divided into the corresponding number of chords and filled individually.

Step by step procedure to visualize your data

For generating the final chart we need to collect all the profiles we are interested in. They need to be passed to the application in the form of an XML file. This file can be created by hand even in a common text editor, but an XML editor is preferred. Fortunately, there is an alternative to generate it using a special harvester application.

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Chart evaluation

In an upper part there is a list of DYS markers with the reference record values. If the given marker is a multi-copy marker, the individual values are listed in a column and sorted by its suffix.

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